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The Top Hotel and Casino in UK

There is only one place in the UK were you can experience the crème de la crème of luxury. Have you ever wanted to know how it would feel like to be treated like Royalty? If you want to live big and play big, then you’ll want to read our guide to bingo & slots in the uk, so you can be spoiled by UK’s most famous hotel casino.

The Ritz Hotel LoКартинки по запросу seaside casino ukndon, was opened in 1906, by Swiss Owner Cesar Ritz. The first one of his hotels was established in Paris. The hotel goes back in history as a place where important political figures like Winston Church, would go to have meetings. Not only was it a popular place for politicians, it had a reputation among the socialites for mingling in high society, and a place to spark new ideas with writers of the time.

The Ritz Hotel is located in the heart of London, at 150 Piccadilly, St James. – A few minutes walk from the icon intersection of Piccadilly Circus. The building is in a Franco American style influenced by Parisian architecture. As you walk into The Ritz Hotel, the beautifully ornate interiors, sparkling chandeliers, and rich furnishing, makes this place feel warm and welcoming. Throughout the hotel and club, the interior is inspired by King Louis XVI. The hotel has a total of 111 rooms and 231 exclusive suites, all of which have been designed with intricate detail.

The Ritz Club, can be found downstairs from the lobby, it is beautifully decorated in gold and red fabric, and there is also a limo service that the Ritz Club provides. It offers exciting games for all players to enjoy black jack, poker, and slot machines. Also, this is where you will find the best that fine dining has to offer.