Top 2 Seaside Hostels in UK

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Top 2 Seaside Hostels in UK

UK has one of the best traveler experiences due to its rich history, lush green hills, and pretty coastlines that sound the entire country. There are a number of ways to travel in the UK, and if your traveling and want to be taken by the breeze of the ocean, then escaping to the seaside is a great way to meet international travelers, and enjoy the local surroundings with the comforts of home. Here are our top 2 seasiКартинки по запросу The Jacobs Ladder Innde hostels in the UK.

1. The Jacobs Ladder Inn

Visiting Falmouth Cornwall you will find this charming coastal town in Southwest of England, It’s known for its deep natural harbour and beaches. All the locals know Jacobs Ladder, there are 111 steps to the top, and it is all worth the sea views. It’s a friendly place, and the staff are helpful and make you feel at home. They provide free Wi-Fi, bar, bicycles, showers, and laundry facilities, and meals are available too. Just keep in mind that the pub can be lively, it may not be suitable if you’re looking for a quite getaway. But if you want to meet the friendly locals, and be walking distance to the beach, then this is the place to stay while exploring Cornwall.

2. Base Surf Lodge

Want to grab your backpack and hit the surf, then you’ll love this hostel Base Surf Lodge which can be found in Newquay, England. It is situated overlooking beaches where you can simply walk out and catch a wave. One of UK’s best surf break beaches, they also offer lessons. It’s also close to the center of town where you can enjoy the nightlife, cafes and shops. Base Surf Lodge offers free breakfast, 24-hour security, free Wi-Fi and bedding. It is a place to go to enjoy the relax friendly atmosphere and the sound of the waves.